December 1, 2018

So I got bored and decided to start an online "newspaper". I'll run it like I did my successful personal blog from 2006 to 2016. The Tampan will just be a bit more modern and it'll have advertisements. I'm gonna officially launch on Jan. 1st. but I wanted to cheat and post this today so I can use "since 2018" in 2019. Also I'm rusty. I need about a month to practice writing and to finally figure out how to run & use Wordpress. As the title suggest, "the newspaper" will revolve around Tampa and of course, Tampans. Like my, and I was really shocked that no one had pounced on domain name. A lot of Tampa stories and other interesting items have been untouched also. This Detroiter(see my Detroiter.US and buy a tee) and Tampan(for almost 4yrs now) will have a good time writing about them here. Read the September WTSP article below.